Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The great travelator pencil disaster at Libraries Inspire Learning

Once we arrived at the Library of Birmingham, we walked into a theatre. We watched loads of presentations from different schools: Wheelers Lane, TNT Ladywood and us (Paganel). Our presentations were about Catseyes(a filming group), and we also done a presentation about our Archive room. After we had a break, we ate some of my favourite biscuits. One school girl from Wheelers Lane had 5 biscuits; she must of been hungry. Then there was loads more presentations, there was so many different authors mentioned: Roald Dahl, Jacqueline Wilson and J.K Rowling.

After we had our lunch, and we went into two different groups. The group I was in went onto the 9th floor(William Shakespeare Memorial). There was millions of amazing artwork: books, picture and sculptures. Also there was loads of comfortable chairs, and I went on a massive computer, which had shown a map. The view was extremely beautiful, and you could see everything.

Lilymai and I went down the travelator, along with Mr Philp (my teacher). Me, Lilymai and Mr Philp were carrying heavy boxes, filled with loads of stuff. Lilymai had the box with the pencils in, and we were going down the travelator. All of a sudden pencils started to roll down the travelator. Mr Philp was on his hands and knees trying to pick them all up, some were starting to get stuck. Finally we picked up all the pencils and went back into the theatre.

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