Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Chloe S

We went to the Birmingham Library yesterday. It was really nice and big. When we went in we went to the theatre. The theatre was on the bottom floor. There is nine (9) floors. There were lots of things there to help us get to the top floors and back down again: escalators, lifts and stairs. The room was really big, but it was really fun. I got really nervous because I was so high up - I hate heights.

On the 4th floor there were loads of books. It was a  circle  room; there was a working room. We went  in the working room. You should go there.
We went to the 9th floor - it was about Shakespeare.  It was a lovely view (I loved it). You would like it as well. You should go there and look at it, but it is not as quiet as any other library.