Thursday, 20 March 2014

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Demi

When we arrived at the Birmingham  library in town we went in to  the library theatre. In there we were watching and listening to some really interesting presentations some of the presentation were from another school (Wheelers Lane Primary School). Their presentation were all very good even the ones from another school. Soon after all of the presentation we had a little break. in the break time some of the year six children gave out lots of biscuits to everyone. After that we carried on with lots of more presentations.

Then when we came out of the theatre we went for dinner. We had it outside of the library the weather was shining bright and it was lovely day. Once we had finished our dinner we went back to the theatre. It was a really nice day.  
We went to the 9th floor in the library and went to the Shakespeare Room. The view was lovely - I loved it. I really recommend you to go to to the library.

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