Thursday, 20 March 2014

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Kavan

Yesterday the 10th of march we went to the Birmingham Libraries. When we arrived we walked around to the front, because we got of the green bus at the back of the library. It was chilly because of the shade. When we got into the library we lined up to get into the theatre room.

When we got into the theatre room me, Hana and Sophie had to introduced Paganel Archives. Me and Sophie were worried, because we had never done it before, but Hana wasn’t because she had done it lots of times before. We also introduced lots of other things like Y2 and the Night Zoo keeper, Kings Heath Primary School and Wheelers Lane Primary School presentation. Me and Sophie finally got used to it.

After all the presentations, we had lunch. We had lunch outside. My knees were burning, because of the sun. After I ate my lunch me and Harvey S was pretending to jump from the library. Sophie asked Mr Philp if she can climb down the circles. That would of been dangerous because it was really high and if she had slipped she would of died.   

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