Thursday, 20 March 2014

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Kavan

Yesterday the 10th of march we went to the Birmingham Libraries. When we arrived we walked around to the front, because we got of the green bus at the back of the library. It was chilly because of the shade. When we got into the library we lined up to get into the theatre room.

When we got into the theatre room me, Hana and Sophie had to introduced Paganel Archives. Me and Sophie were worried, because we had never done it before, but Hana wasn’t because she had done it lots of times before. We also introduced lots of other things like Y2 and the Night Zoo keeper, Kings Heath Primary School and Wheelers Lane Primary School presentation. Me and Sophie finally got used to it.

After all the presentations, we had lunch. We had lunch outside. My knees were burning, because of the sun. After I ate my lunch me and Harvey S was pretending to jump from the library. Sophie asked Mr Philp if she can climb down the circles. That would of been dangerous because it was really high and if she had slipped she would of died.   

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Bethany

The views from the 3rd floor terrace was inspiring. On the 3rd floor we had lunch it as very hot on the terrace with the wind blowing and the sun shining on us. Some people were scared on the terrace like Chloe.s, but I made her face her fear and got her looking of the balcony.

We went onto some travelators and lifts to get onto the 9th floor.The 9th floor was called the Shakespeare Memorial room everyone decided to look out of the window but you couldn’t see much out of there but only a little bit.

When we were coming back down the travelator to get our coats a man was sleeping on the chair nearer the travelator. When we got to the studio theatre it was time to go.

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Chloe K

On the 10th of March 2014 Year 6 and Year 2 went to the library in Town.

Once we arrived at the Library, Hana and Mac had to lead the way. We all followed them into a room. Hana, Kavan and Sophie all introduced us to all the presentations that went on. There was a load of presentations done by Wheelers Lane Primary School. Personally  I think some of the children from the other school were a bit too quiet. At 11 o’clock’ me, Maddison , Nicole and Chloe S. all did a presentation.

We went upstairs to eat lunch. We were so high up. I sat next to Lourdes and Karla to eat our lunch. After we ate our lunch we got to stay on the balcony. Me, Lourdes and Jamie got a picture taken next to the glass wall on the balcony.

We went into a lift it was very nice looking inside (they had mirrors on the walls, lights on the walls and laminate flooring).

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Harvey J

Yesterday on  the 10th of march. Year 6 and Year 2 went to the local Birmingham Library in town. We finally got into the library and my class and year 2 queued up. We went to the theatre room. Year 2 had the front row and half of the second row. My class had the third row and a quarter of the fourth row. we watched some presentations.  

After about 10 minutes Wheelers Lane Primary School came in to the theatre room and after a while year 2 did a presentation about their Night Zoo animals. The Night Zookeeper had a website  up.

After lunch we had groups and I was in Mrs Tonks group. We visited the Shakespeare Room on the 9th floor. Afterwards, we visited another room and there was a book which is worth 8 million pound and there was a presentation that you could listen to.    

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Nicole

At ten thirty (in the morning), we arrived at the new Birmingham library in town. That day Maddison , Chloe.s and I were doing a presentation and dance based on Bridgit Mendler. We had to wait a while to get into the theatre, but it gave us time to have a look around the main part. Finally, we sat in the theatre - my nan was there to watch. Up to then my highlight of the day was actually doing the presentation and the dance; my heart was thumping but when it was over I was relieved.

Not long after we had our lunch - on the third floor terrace. It was so hot! It was a really exciting lunch, we could see all of the views and everything seemed to be so small. We had about a half an hour lunch and a very quick run around. Maddison and I played a game called ` what if’. It was full of laughter.

Right at the end of our day we had a get together in the theatre. Holly and Lourdes handed out all of the rewards. My group ( Madison , Chloe.s and me) won the reward for best presentation we were so proud of ourselves. We could not believe that we won the reward. Each class including Wheelers Lane Primary were given a box of chocolates. That is a lot of chocolates - in total seven boxes of chocolates was handed out.

We went the  the gold dome at the top.

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Jimi

When we got to the Library, we immediately went to the theatre to see
some presentations. While we were there, there was another school
called Wheelers Lane. They did some presentations too.

After the presentations, we went on the terrace and ate our packed lunch.
It was beautiful weather and we also took lots of photos. After lunch we played and then we went back inside.

Not long after we went to level nine and looked at the most expensive book in the library, which was worth 8,000,000 pounds. Also there was the oldest book in the library.

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Karla

The day started off with some presentations from: Wheelers Lane Primary School, Paganel Primary School’s Year 6 and 2. Wheelers Lane were talking about their favourite authors, books and what libraries will be in the future. They were also talking about how books help you to learn and how to be educated. We were talking about our Paganel Archives Project. Nicole, Maddison, Chloe K and Chloe S did a presentation about Bridget Mendler and they also did a dance called ‘Ready Or Not.’ We watched a video by a girl who had been shot in the head. Her name was Malala. She opened the Birmingham Library and she was talking about her school in Pakistan. Wheelers Lane mentioned authors like: J.K Rowling, Roald Dahl, Francessca Simon and much more. Year 2 presented and talked about their project about the Night Zookeeper.

As we came out of the theatre I saw a man listening to some music on his Ipod while he was reading a history book and he was dancing. Because he was dancing, it made me chuckle ( laugh ). We also saw an Army man just sitting in his seat doing nothing at all it was strange/weird hilarious.

The last thing was the gifts, Wheelers Lane, year 6 and year 2 from Paganel got a prize of HEROES chocolates. Holly and Lourdes handed them out while they was standing in the spotlight. Some children from Wheelers Lane got a prize too. They were relieved. Nicole and her dance group won special prizes too, Lourdes and Holly got a box of chocolates each. I was so jealous!