Thursday, 20 March 2014

Maddison's Libraries Inspire Learning Report

On Monday tenth we went to the new Library in town we got there about ten. Once we got there we had a amazing assembly we had loads of presentations and before 11 we had a little break then after me and my friends Nicole, Chloe .s and Chloe .k we did a presentation about someone called Bridgit Mendler an actress and singer, and we also did a dance to one of her songs “Ready or Not.” It went amazingly well: everyone absolutely loved it and we absolutely loved it too!

After the assembly we proudly walked up like explorers on to the Third Terrace  for lunch. The view was fantastic. We were high, but not as high as the top - now that`s high! After we ate we slowly walked backed down to the hall where we got into groups and then we would go and explore the library it was fun. First we got into groups me and some others were in Mrs. Tonks group and we went up the escalator  and we came by the glass lift (which we didn’t go in because it was broken).

After that we strolled into the study area and they have mini microbes they are things that you put on these little projectors and they have extremely old news papers that are on them.

Then after we been in there we strolled into the massive book area with lots and lots of books and then  we walked out of there and we strolled into this room with maps in then we had a little look at the maps.  After that we walked around a having a look. We had a look at the Shakespeare Room and Morgan pretended to pick his nose but it was the statue’s nose - it was really funny! We also saw the view from the top it was an epic view. We saw everything. Then after we had a fabulous walk round. Finally we had to go back to the hall for some prizes.

The prizes were for the best presentation and we won the creative presentation which is a Minecraft code which we all are sharing and two of us got a wooden pencil case with coloured pencils and we were extremely chuffed because we never thought we was going to win it. Then we left the building, got back on the coach and discussed what we liked about the day and whether we enjoyed it.

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