Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Holly did people watching at Libraries Inspire Learning

Yesterday on the 10th of March we went on a trip to the Birmingham library in town. We had to catch the bus it was year 6 and year 2.

Once we arrived we walked into the theatre and we watched lots of presentations, and Nicole, Maddison and Chloe Spurrier all did a Bridgit Mendler presentation and did a dance to one of her songs: “Ready Or Not.” It was good. Then we had a break and ate some biscuits and had a drink.

We had been walking for a while now and as we passed there was a man, who looked he was falling asleep, but we carried on walking to find the art gallery of culture. As we came he had fallen asleep but had taken off his shoe and just fell asleep.

Finally we reached the top of the 9th floor and we were really high up. As I looked out of the window I saw this couple kissing it was so gross, but as we looked at the Shakespeare statues, I saw someone pretend to stick his finger up Shakespeare’s nose. It was so funny.

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