Thursday, 20 March 2014

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Chloe K

On the 10th of March 2014 Year 6 and Year 2 went to the library in Town.

Once we arrived at the Library, Hana and Mac had to lead the way. We all followed them into a room. Hana, Kavan and Sophie all introduced us to all the presentations that went on. There was a load of presentations done by Wheelers Lane Primary School. Personally  I think some of the children from the other school were a bit too quiet. At 11 o’clock’ me, Maddison , Nicole and Chloe S. all did a presentation.

We went upstairs to eat lunch. We were so high up. I sat next to Lourdes and Karla to eat our lunch. After we ate our lunch we got to stay on the balcony. Me, Lourdes and Jamie got a picture taken next to the glass wall on the balcony.

We went into a lift it was very nice looking inside (they had mirrors on the walls, lights on the walls and laminate flooring).

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