Thursday, 20 March 2014

Libraries Inspire Learning Report by Mehak

On the 10th March 2014, we went to Birmingham Library in town.After we jumped off the coach, we were taken to the library theatre , and were introduced to many presentations from Wheelers Lane Primary School. We were shown various selection of fantastic presentations: some about our school archives, some about reading ( what their favourite book was) and also a very creative presentation from Nicole,Chloe and Maddison- which was a about a popular singer, Bridgit Mendler.( they even did their own dance!) A few moments later we were then shown a incredible clip from Malala- who is a inspiration for all of us, as she opened this outstanding library. Because we had a very long time watching clips and presentations , we were given a snack which was some scrumptious biscuits. They were delicious!

After a lovely snack, we were split into two teams. One with Nikki and the other with Rachel- I was with Nikki. First of all we were taken to the ninth floor, by a lift with mirrors and 2 doors, to the Shakespeare  Room. We were told that it was made first from the old library. We were in this splendid room with beautiful wooden carvings decorated across the walls- it looked very gorgeous. As we were approaching back, we saw a man sleeping on of of the chair! If looked very awkward, but also very funny.

Once the whole class arrived, we were told to do some write some things on a piece of paper. The first step was to find evidence that long time ago in Paganel , kids use to sleep in beds. After a short time I found the picture, it was a row of rail beds with small head peeping out. After that was completed, the next step was to find a picture that you think is your favourite. MIne was a picture showing a group of girls, having a recorder in their hands ,It was my favourite because I play the recorder too.It`s a nice, fun instrument to play and easily learn. It was time to go.We had an exceptional day, with full of excitement and fun. It will become a delightful memory to remember.

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